Winter’s Not Done Yet

It may be warm for a winter’s day
but I know that spring is not here yet.
Winter winds are still going to blow
and there will still be chilly days ahead
Even if Wednesday was warm enough for a January thaw,
don’t get it into your head
that we’re completely done with snow
In fact I’m willing to bet
That winter is still going to show
that it certainly hasn’t fled
Before it releases us from it’s iron claw
We’re still going to see some serious cold!
You could put away your winter jacket and boots
but that might be prematurely bold.
Sure, the weather might see and it might saw,
and some days you might not want to get out of bed
Eventually, though…and this is nature’s law
this winter weather that we like to dread
will finally end, and we’ll see fresh green shoots
burst from the ground…and colour will finally banish the gray.


I wanted to experiment a bit with form and create something new (as far as I know, this form has not been used before). I call this form “5 steps forward, 3 steps back”. There is no metrical requirements, and no set line length, but a strict rhyme scheme: five lines of “advance”, 3 lines of “retreat” (ABCDEDCB), and then the process repeats starting with CDEFGFED. This can continue indefinitely, but the poem must end on the five line “advance”, but the 5th line of the advance must rhyme with the initial “a” rhyme.


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