Ten Words – Part 2

I already posted a TenWord for dVerse, but my fellow poets seemed to think I was holding back…and perhaps I was…my first post was meant to be a silly response to the prompt, but I shall try to post a few more here that are a bit…better…but I’ll let you, my readers, be the judge of that! The following are all meant to stand alone.

my wife listening
to country music –
wish she liked jazz

a hot cup
of fresh brewed coffee
my sanity restored

six in the morning
coordinated raids
streets are slightly safer

(the preceding refers to a series of coordinated raids in half a dozen, or so communities in 2 provinces in which police seized thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs and firearms. Early morning was chosen, as police correctly assumed that the gang members being targeted were likely to be sleeping, and would therefore not be able to flee or put up resistance)

invisible chains
can be broken
when we choose to forgive

“and now a word
from our sponsor”
fast-forward pvr

(the preceding refers to the fact that my wife and I hardly ever watch live TV…it’s always recorded programming, and so skipping commercials is the norm)

parenthetical explanations
are likely annoying you
sorry about that!


linked to dVerse


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