The Borg


at dVerse, we are writing poetry inspired by the works of Nick Gentry.  Nick creates portraits using obsolete technology as his medium.  He has some rather unique pieces, and I would encourage you to check out his work at the link above.  I always enjoy writing poetry based on artwork, as it tends to pull me in directions that I would never go on my own.


assimilation is their highest goal
diversity makes their collective strong
the one apart is weaker than the whole
resistance is, to them the greatest wrong

their one and only over-arching aim
is seeking out the ones they may subdue
and each one conquered now becomes the same
in thought in action they all share one view

and one by one, like dominoes we’ll fall
until the individual is no more
they will not stop until they have us all
and then they’ll have the final, winning score

but when they have us marching to one beat
their very goal will make them obsolete


18 thoughts on “The Borg

  1. Hopefully resistance is never futile, just costly sometimes. I do worry as machines approach senescence, that smart technology will not find us obsolete, and became demonic Daleks chirping “Obsolete, Exterminate!” Like the wonderful new movie, HER; Will soul energy be created within cyber sensitivity, within artificial intelligence? GOK; God only knows. Your piece finishes on a note of hope, though, & that eases the tension in the corporeal gut.

  2. Losing individuality, been assimilated … a scary goal that can be achieved at the cost of the winner becoming obsolete –Maybe also losing a part of its own identity/purpose?
    Very interesting poem for an interesting artwork.

  3. I like the irony at the end ~ I think a culture becomes stronger with diversity and making good use of various talents rather than forcing everyone to fit the “same shoe” ~ Enjoyed this one and admiring your sonnet too ~

    Hope you are keeping warm, smiles ~

  4. Not sure about the last line. If all individuality is lost, I’m not sure it will be their downfall as long as the oligarchy has their own diversity.
    Made me think — nicely done.

  5. I for one would rather march to my own beat. This leaves a chill for what the future might hold and I hope we never all march to the same beat. I really like how you wove your words into a sonnet.

  6. I really like where you went with the prompt. Interactions with the Borg were some of my favorites from Star Trek. The idea of being swallowed up into a collective consciousness and losing one’s identity is frightening — and exhilarating.

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