Fictitious Beings Come to Life?

I tried in vain to write a poem today
about fictitious beings come to life
and though I tried in many different ways
my efforts only caused me to feel strife

I thought about the stories that I’ve heard:
the heroes they contained, both great and small
and all the books I’ve read, (I’m quite the nerd)
but everywhere I turned, I hit a wall

Despairing that my efforts were in vain
I set my pen down with a mighty sigh
My failure felt as bad to me as pain
For once again I’d tried and come up dry

I asked aloud why my poem couldn’t be
my Muse just sat and, smiling, winked at me


at dVerse, Claudia is having us write poems about fictitious characters coming to life.  I was having trouble thinking of something to write, and eventually concluded that my muse had left me.  Then it struck me, “my Muse is a fictitious character too!  And so I decided to write a despairing sonnet with a bit of an ironic twist at the end.


14 thoughts on “Fictitious Beings Come to Life?

  1. This was cute. I love the ending. But you need to redo your link over in Mr. Linky at dVerse Poets Pub. It just takes you back to dVerse instead of here. If you hadn’t commented on my poem I never would have found my way here. Peace, Linda

  2. Yes, like Linda, I had to use your comment over at my site to navigate here. I reported the bogus link in dVerse comments. This piece is clever, cute, & practical, & somehow works like crazy within the parameters of a sonnet; good on you, our Muses do live; unless still born, of course.

  3. I like your poem, Bryan! All the more so as I am reviewing characters I could introduce in my own poem for the prompt. Too French, not famous enough, stupid choice… And now I cannot even write about my muse. Lol

  4. Yes, Bryan, your muse IS a fictional character, but also very real. You used it in a very imaginative way. Amidst your writers’ block he/she was waiting for you all along, not wishing you to be disheartened.

  5. Haha, very clever. It can be quite frustrating when it seems our inspiration has left us stranded. (Usually, for me, it means I’m just trying to write a story that isn’t ready to be written 🙂 )

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