something new…

I’ve never had much chance to travel,
And I’d like to think that
With each new city
I’d discover something new…
Not just about the place I’m in,
But about myself as well.

Here i am, though,
In the place i call home
Knowing full well that
Even this place contains
Sights I’ve yet to see…
Things that could teach me
Something new about my city
And about myself

But instead of seeking out that
Which could truly enrich me
I curse the rush-hour traffic jam
That will have me home
Ten minutes later
Than expected


written for dVerse, where we are writing poetry about cities


15 thoughts on “something new…

  1. ha – oh don’t get me started on the rush hour traffic jam… my experience is that indeed in each new city i learn a bit about myself…and always different lessons… and yeah… we usually don’t take enough time to discover the city that we’re living in, trying to see it through a tourist’s or a lover’s eyes…

  2. I so agree. our home-town usually contain so much that we never care to see.. Since I moved to Stockholm 14 years ago, I have almost never visited the sights.. Thanks god for bicycles so I don’t have to bother about rush-hour..

  3. I have found myself in many cities…and def learned some things about myself in my travels….it is funny too how much we really do not appreciate our own towns…until someone comes along and finds the magic in it…

  4. In my case, 22 years ago I married a Texas lass who has shown me my home state of WA with eager loving tourist eyes; we just get in, stay in the leaden-eyed rut, & wear blinders out of self protection it seems. Nice take on the prompt.

  5. I know what you mean about cursing the rush hour traffic. I was just in it. (Smiles) But I like that your poem points out that there are things that can be enriching in any city if we just take time to visit. So often we don’t appreciate what is in our own backyard for either lack of time or lack of knowledge of just what is there.

  6. “I’d discover something new…
    Not just about the place I’m in,
    But about myself as well.’
    – your lines make me think of the poem ‘For the Traveler” by John O’ Donohue. I think that by traveling we do learn about ourselves as well as about others.

  7. Gladly, I am out of daily commute, retired, but I certainly sympathize; your poem is heartfelt for it’s longing to travel, learning something new about ourselves, and our temperament when driving in the rush hour.

  8. So true! We always seem to be rushing off to other places, other sights, in the furthest corners of the world, but never see the wealth and beauty in our own cities… I love those witty last four lines!

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