Blessed are the Losers

There are those who,
through no fault of their own
are truly losers


those who have experienced poverty
have greater compassion for the poor
than the rich could ever have

those who have experienced disease
are better suited to serve the weak
than those who have always been healthy

those who have, first-hand, experienced persecution
are more likely to defend the oppressed
than those who have always had peace

those who have experienced the death of a loved one
have a greater ability to empathize with those who grieve
than those who simply cannot understand

blessed are the losers:
for they have won so much more strength
than those who have never lost


at dVerse, Mary wants us to explore the topic of winners and losers.  For some reason, the Beatitudes (found in the Bible in Matthew chapter 5) came to mind.  In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of those that society looks down on, and explained why they are blessed.  I wanted to write something in a similar tone.


19 thoughts on “Blessed are the Losers

  1. A beautiful and meaningful response ~ I think they are not losers though as they show compassion and strength after their loss or defeat~ Perhaps they are less privileged, or have not been educated about the situation ~ Being a loser for me is a mentality ~

  2. i would so agree with the sentiment of this…blessed are those who have been through for they have understanding…having lived below the poverty line, i def feel for the downtrodden….its all a part of our story…and our stories have the power to bring us together…nice write sir.

  3. So true, Bryan….at least as I see it. If a person has experienced something himself/herself, they are much more sympathetic to those who have been in that position. Sometimes a person definitely has to be a ‘loser’ to empathize with others who have ‘lost.’ They know, by personal experience, that no one is immune!

  4. Great poem, Bryan! This is one of my favorite poems of yours. Sometimes those that society sees as losers are not and are actually much stronger than those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Yes, sadly, I have also come across people who had forgotten where they came from.

  5. When faced with ill health, bad luck, or adversity, I have learned that this testing of my mettle is done either by myself when planning this lifetime, or a higher power who has chosen me to face these things, to have these experiences; many others could not survive them; creating good karma points, adding cosmic blessings to the discarnate stew, we who are disabled, far from wealthy, struggling to keep up with technology, we are the winners in the long run, the highway of infinity.

  6. yes.. sometimes i wonder if my mission in life was to gain the empathy of 14.5 billion years…

    and at least one time..

    i think i made it here…..

    There is the truth of 14.5 billions years.. in your words here.. as the big bang only preceded

    what would eventually be…

    love to come.. for those who truly know the struggle of 14.5 billion years.. to live a life of free…..

  7. Simply brillaint! Such a unique perspective, makes you wonder which side you would really want to be. Especially loved the last lines,

    “blessed are the losers:
    for they have won so much more strength
    than those who have never lost”

  8. This is wonderful! I agree with your sentiments and the truths you depict here. While we can empathize with those who suffer, it doesn’t affect us in the same way it would if we had lived them ourselves.

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