The Constellations’ Breakfast

The constellations were having breakfast
at the Cosmos Club Cafe
Porridge simmering in the Big Dipper,
and the waiter pouring out Milky Way
from the Little Dipper

Orion was complaining that
his belt was starting to get
a wee bit too tight.

Cassiopia was, of course,
preening and primping
and daring anyone to say that
she was not the prettiest
constellation in the place

a few constellations figured that maybe,
in the afternoon, they could play a bit of football*
The Gemini twins offered to play on opposing sides
as goal keepers.

It was Perseus, though, who suggested that
they use a little blue planet to use as the ball,
because it was rather insignificant,
and nobody would care if it got lost or damaged.


*that’s soccer for those of you in Canada and USA


just a bit of silliness for dVerse, where Anthony has encouraged us to stay away from the familiar and be outlandish in our writing.


13 thoughts on “The Constellations’ Breakfast

  1. Just love heading out on the dVerse when whimsey & nonsense rule; so many insights, where metaphors wear clown masks but get their message out regardless; imaginative fun take on the prompt with a side of cheese snark.

  2. This is very fun, Bryan. I like the idea of Milky Way poured from the Big Dipper; and Orion had better watch it with the belt getting a bit tight. Easy to happen this time of year. Smiles. And, yes, the blue planet…what a clever idea Perseus had!!

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