Bequeather of Sanity

oh bequeather of sanity
you sit cylindrical upon my desk.
solid to the touch,
yet hollow.
yet non-reflective.
closed tight,
yet a child could open thee.
sometimes full,
sometimes empty,
sometimes somewhere in between.
ah…but only in the act of emptying
dost thou serve thy purpose,
and I, both thy master and thy slave
must give to thee
if thou, in return,
would give to me the nectar
of my sanity.


Shared with dVerse, where Björn has us using the technique of “defamiliarization”.  I hope I did this right!


16 thoughts on “Bequeather of Sanity

  1. Perfect. It sounds like a drinking cup. Perhaps your sanity lies in water, or perhaps in an alcoholic beverage. For me, it would be coffee.

  2. I was always fascinated by cylindrical wind up clocks back in the days before the digital clock arts came.. and watching time tick.. and the power i thought it had over me..

    was of course illusion that now finally cured me of..

    as i reclaimed eternity in existence……just now…only now..:)

    Anyway.. you did an excellent wordage here to stimulate the explorer in my brain..

    to find the object on your desk..that truly in my estimation here…

    can take away…

    true sanity…..of living now….

  3. A grand piece this, for yes we were immersed in the archaic description & it was amorphous enough to have been more than one thing, a beer stein, a tea or coffee mug, a pen, or something other dimensional, form without substance, like poetics with substance lacking form, free to float on the thermals; terrific take on the prompt, B.

  4. Yes! Defamiliarization at work! Who can pick up the glass, beake, coffee cup lightly again? How could civilization and philosophy advanced without containers to fill, to carry, to empty?

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