Time Tumbles

time tumbles, ticking on
a second comes, and then it’s gone
before too long, the future’s past
we cannot make those seconds last

so use each second with great care
to squander them would be unfair
those seconds don’t live very long
to squander them would be so wrong!

with each one gone, there comes one new
so use them for the work you do
although those seconds may come free
don’t waste them writing poetry

(unless you like that sort of thing,
then let poetic voices ring!)


There is a lot of advice out there about not wasting time…probably too much advice…so I decided to write my own bit of “advice”, albeit a little tongue in cheek!

Submitted to dVerse, where we are asked to write a poem using one of the numerous definitions of the word “fair” or “fare”.  Although fairness is not the point of my poem, I did manage to sneak it in there…sort of…  🙂


16 thoughts on “Time Tumbles

  1. haha…i have probably used many of those seconds already for writing poetry.. fun piece… love the rhymes and if only those seconds would last a bit longer… sigh

  2. Seconds are not wasted, they are used, cashed in, becoming nap-mates, oxygen providers, humor solicitors, weeping vessels; loved your verses; only fair for you to write, to go your own way.

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