Just Once I’d Like to See a Day

Just once I’d like to see a day
where news is not all bleak and grey
a day when there’s no crime or vice
but stories ’bout folks being nice

a day of treaties being signed
where former foes become aligned
when folks are judged by what’s inside
and not the color of their hide

when all the kids can play and run
no child forced to wield a gun
and governments caught doing good
and governing the way they should

unfortunately, not today
the news is still all bleak and grey


written for dVerse, where Mary is having us write about News.


17 thoughts on “Just Once I’d Like to See a Day

  1. Wonderful poem, Bryan! Yes, wouldn’t it be great if we had only one day where the news would not be bleak and grey! I am watching evening news right now as I respond, and it certainly is not today. But we can hope it will be tomorrow. Smiles.

  2. I love this poem, Bryan! I totally second your wishes. I am really tired of bad, negative, depressing news and yet I still watch the news on TV and read articles online though.

  3. Man, I would love that day too. The thing that really bites is that there is TONS of great things going on in the world but many of them don’t make headlines like the bad stuff does. It’s really too bad how the media uses mainly ugly situations to get attention.

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