Ulysses Slept

Ulysses’ sleep was sound that night
while waiting in his wooden horse
the enemy was near, of course
but he was ready for the fight

his men and he had hidden well
in this their ‘gift’ unto their foe
yes, unaware were those below
that just above them dwelt their Hell

with willing steps the enemy
unknowingly brought death inside
while those above enjoyed the ride
knew soon enough they would be free

File Download Complete
Let the carnage begin!


Abhra, our host today at dVerse, asked us to write “Modern Mythology”.   Here is my take on the prompt.  I couldn’t resist breaking the rules (once again) on the sonnet form.


18 thoughts on “Ulysses Slept

  1. Ah, this definitely is the stuff of real life. How often have people been tricked by something that has seemed innocent. And once something has been downloaded the ‘gift’ begins its evil work!

  2. the Trojan Horse motif is popular out here on the trail, but yours hits hard for too many of us; for as we become more & more dependent on our technology, the greedy hackers are the new wolf packs, the stealth mode Assholes that prey on the rest of us for fun, pride, & profit; as to breaking the rules, I can dig it; smile.

  3. Haha! my ULYSSES is i-Mac with impervious warrant to stop any trojan horse or other invaders.. take that TROJAN HORSES.. i no longer worry about you..not that i-MAC has got my back!

    Seriously if ya try a Mac ya might never go back.. to the Trojan ways of Windows and Bill Gates…

    The trial of Job..gets rid of trojan fare!
    but nah.. ain’t cheap to never fear the TROJAN AGAIN!

    AH.. i’m such a Geek at times..
    i love computer humor2
    and even math humor
    4 1 infinity 8 great time of
    playing with standing infinity2!
    and yah..

    Smiles and have a great night.. i’ll sleep tight..with iMAC defending against
    all potential Trojans through night! 🙂

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