A Squill May Be A Trumpky Gling

A squill may be a trumpky gling
For it could shill me squardymere
To squaggels that will make me tring
Or have me umking in sapeer
And yet I find my spo have thweed
To mulk upon a hiwaku
So I’ll suhwin and blolloweed
The runk is surely dondihu!

So I will frit out of the slore
And leave the friggles of the clee
There are punnaces to sapore
How could I not be dundamee?
Who knows what flabbles I runkee
Or who will dankle on the way
The squilling grig’s the grig for me
And that is why I finfilee!


At dVerse, Tony Maude has asked us to write nonsense poetry today.  For inspiration, he showed us a few poems by the likes of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.  I chose to write a piece somewhat in the style of Carroll.


15 thoughts on “A Squill May Be A Trumpky Gling

  1. Earlier this week for the travel prompt, I wrote about my blissful semi-squaggling on the big island of Hiwaku, wore my dondihu lais for days, and ate of the tangy fresh figgles of a morning–the Suhwin wine was tasty 2, & the homemade grilled dundmee chicken was to die for as I recall.

  2. Very good poem for reading out loud! Who knows what flabbles you might runkee when you set off to explore the squardymere (with Vladimir?). But I’d certainly finfilee with you – sounds like great fun!

  3. Fabulous Bryan – truly fabulous. You’ve nailed the neologism concept fabulously – and there’s the hint of a story in there too. Really enjoyed this – and it’s even better read out loud … smiles

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