a new idea is a tiny egg
glued to the underside of a leaf

with a little time
it may hatch to become
a hungry caterpillar
that…in order to survive
needs to take in great amounts of nourishment

some caterpillars lose their grip
and fall lifeless to the ground

some caterpillars are snatched away and eaten
by the birds of self doubt
or the spiders of criticism

some caterpillars, though
continue to eat
becoming bigger and bigger
and the impact those caterpillars have
become noticeable marks
on the leaves they have been chewing

Sometimes, an observer sees the holes
in the leaves,
and kills the caterpillar
believing that it will cause great harm

Sometimes, a caterpillar seems to lose energy,
becomes dormant,
and closes itself off from the world,
and a careless observer might think
that the caterpillar is dead

…but then…

we discover that,
during its period of silence
it hasn’t been dormant at all

and that caterpillar
takes on a new life
as a butterfly

and some ideas change the world


at dVerse, we have been asked to write extended metaphors.  I couldn’t decide what to write about, but then thought of how similar the word “metaphor” sounds to “metamorphosis”.  And thus I came up with the title, “Metaphormosis” as a bit of a play on both words (and so yes, I know it’s spelled wrong)


12 thoughts on “Metaphormosis

  1. Yes, some ideas do change the world. Things may seem a bit dormant for a time, but eventually the ideas surface in some changed but important form. Enjoyed your metaphoric write.

  2. wow! wow! wow! this is an awesome metaphor and so well done with all the shades that a new idea carries… oh i wish that more of those new ideas would grow and survive and change the world. really one of my favs by you bryan

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