The Beauty All Around…

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable,
whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
-Philippians 4:8, The Bible (English Standard Version)

All too often
my eye is drawn to the darkness of this world
I see the hatred
I see the poverty
I see cowardice
…and to a great extent
I’d be less human
if I chose to blind myself
to the ills of this world…

but yet…
how often
do I take the time
to see the things
that make this world
a place worth living in?

like the bottom-side
of a bumblebee
that decided to take a rest
on the screen of our door
(and then, of course,
it’s fuzzy-striped top-side
as I walked through
the door and gently closed it)

or the flavour of my morning coffee
with just a bit of cream
to make it taste oh-so-smooth

or the earnest expression
of my 4yr old son who told me
“the band-aid is really helping!”
(he merely bumped his leg…
no cut…no bruise…
but a bandaid gave him comfort)

there are many more things
that intersect with my life
on a daily basis
that are truly beautiful…
…and I just need
to spend a bit more time
recognizing…and reveling in…
that beauty.


At dVerse, Bill has asked us to write about things we are passionate about, or things in which we find beauty…using things near at hand.


9 thoughts on “The Beauty All Around…

  1. I believe this too ~ If we change our lens and perspective to one of looking for beauty and compassion, perhaps there are too many blessings to count as well ~

  2. So many thought provoking this challenge! I spent 20 minutes in Spring sunshine this morning watching and photographing two wasps sunning themselves on one of my outside hangings,

    The shades of society do cause me great despair… my inability to change anything for the better weighs heavy on my soul… but Nature soothes & feeds my spirit.

  3. oh i love that part with your son esp. – the little things that give us comfort…and that just someone took the time to put on this bandaid…smiles… it’s so precious to really see the little everyday joys along the way

  4. I do think that we have to take time to focus on the positive in our world, not negating the fact that the negative is out there, but giving attention to the beauty in our everyday and ordinary world! Savoring the moments is a good thing!

  5. We need not close our eyes to the darkness but it’s also important that we open our eyes to the beauty around us to soak up strength, love and positive vibe to combat darkness…”“the band-aid is really helping!”…love this…so sweet!!

  6. Our poems are similar in tone; it’s like we forget sometimes when someone judges us, or is mean to us, that they can only affect us if we allow them to have that power, who cares what a fool or idiot thinks, right? The media alerts us to the darkness of nature & man, we need to remind ourselves that, indeed, we are surrounded by small blessings.

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