The Washing Machine’s Lament

Yesterday for the dVerse Pub-Talk, Brian Miller was talking about trying to see things from a different perspective.  Then, for today’s prompt, Mary has asked us to write poetry in response dVerse’s very own “artist in residence”, Claudia Schoenfeld. (click on the link to see more of her wonderful sketches!) With yesterday’s idea, and today’s prompt, I knew exactly which of Claudia’s sketches I wanted to use.

washing machine

sketch by Claudia Schoenfeld


I was so lonely
I felt so empty
and then
wonder of wonders
someone came
and filled my life!
and yet
the things that filled me
oh they smelled so horrid
and were so filthy
For a moment
I felt as though
I was, myself, unclean
but then
I discovered
my purpose!
could take
what had filled me
and make it clean
make it beautiful again
and then
I would be full
of wonderful things
and so
I made a difference
I was filled and fulfilled
Nothing could be better
But then
the one who had
filled me
came and emptied me
and I was once again
and I discovered
that mine
is the lonely
washing machine


24 thoughts on “The Washing Machine’s Lament

  1. ha. nice perspective….ah what a lonely existence…
    seriously i would be a little pissed having dirty clothes shoved in my mouth
    and being expected to swish it around my mouth til clean…
    like what kind of sick people are you…do you really smell
    as bad as you taste? ha…smiles.

  2. I enjoyed your unique take on this, Bryan. I never thought about what a washing machine might feel, but I do know that everyone (and everything?) likes to feel of use and appreciated. Your poem gets to the heart of the matter and the heart of the washing machine!

  3. Well I never thought of this perspective as our washing machine is ever so busy, smiles ~ What I like best is the part of discovering one’s purpose in life as it can make a difference ~

  4. it’s a tough life for a washing machine, and you may think we don’t care, but once all the other clothes are dirty, we really appreciate you and want you to know 🙂

  5. I would agree 😉 Also what came to mind was the time before washing machines and clothes were hung on a line. I think you could write just as articulately about what they might feel like as well.

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