A girl of golden locks went out to play among the trees
She didn’t ask if she could go, just went without a “please”
She wandered ’round until she found a cabin in the wood
And she walked in, without a knock, to rest her weary knees

She didn’t care one whit about if or if not she should
She saw some oatmeal sitting out, she thought it tasted good!
She liked the cabin oh so much she thought that she would stay
But when the bears came home, of course, they spied her where she stood!

What started out as just a girl who went outside to play
Became a tragic tale, indeed, when she wandered away
The bears were sick of oatmeal sweet with honey from the bees
And they would tell you, “yes indeed! We sure ate well that day!”


A Rubayiat written for dVerse


18 thoughts on “Goldilocks

  1. oh no… i wish they ate some more oatmeal…. goodness…the poor girl…
    well done on the form – ha – beware of walking into other people’s house…

  2. Oh no…what a way to go…but Goldilocks shouldn’t have broken and entered that habitat (I think she was a little dim-witted)…there was hell to pay. Fun…but with a gruesome end… :~)

  3. oh, poor Goldilocks! I do not much care for her, but I suppose justice is served to the bears at last.

    Your take on a popular fairy tale and the form is very creative. 🙂

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