Status Quo



(image courtesy of Joel Robison Photography.)


you never know where you might find
yourself if you don’t take great care
to keep your thoughts under control
and only think the things you ought

imagination should be squashed
think only of the status quo
and then you’ll fit most perfectly
with those you see most every day

don’t try adventures that excite
and choose a wardrobe that is grey
eat tasteless food and drink that’s bland
for fitting in is paramount

but then again, you could break rules
and find that life is so much more


I decided to try to write an iambic tetrameter blank-verse sonnet as a second response to the dVerse prompt, where we are writing poetry inspired by Joel Robison’s photography.


13 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. I like the ending couplet, a contrast to the grey color and bland everyday food of life with no adventure ~ Admiring the sonnet form as well ~ Thanks for the second take Bryan ~

  2. Ahh..the dead soul night of the status quo..been there done decades of government work..i break the rules that don’t make sense..

    and live by rules
    of reason
    and heart alike!
    i like…:)

    your poetry too..;)

  3. The status quo quickly loses its luster! Breaking (or bending) the rules sometimes (just a bit) yields greater pleasure! Nice to see a second poem from you, Bryan!

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