A Pencil Has Two Ends

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”
-Charlie Jones

authors who wield their pencils with great skill
not only write words on their pages
but also, with those words,
they erase the barriers that surround
their readers’ minds



Image courtesy of Joel Robison Photography.

Today at dVerse, we are writing poetry inspired by the marvelous photographs of Joel Robison.  Thank you Joel for allowing us to use your images!



22 thoughts on “A Pencil Has Two Ends

  1. I admire authors who can bring me right there with their words and erase any barriers in my mind ~ Shows a lot of empathy too ~ I must say the title is very clever ~ Thanks for linking up Bryan ~

  2. Very nice inspirational thought Bryan..i find that every person i meet breaks a a few more barriers for me..in this game of life..that thank goodness..does change every day for me…

    Smiles and have great rest of the night..:)

  3. ooh…I like that. I suppose in my head (somewhere deep in the recesses) I believed that, but never really thought about it as eloquently as you expressed.

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