Midnight Jazz

“Skibbidy bobbidy bip bap boon”
the old man sighs as he scats at the moon
a fancy dance hall, no that ain’t where he’s at
the audience, small: just an owl and a bat

there once was a time when his voice rang out proud,
when he stood ‘hind a mic and crooned to the crowd
but those were the days before the world broke
the days ‘fore his dreams burned in fire and smoke

his band-mate and best friend, a guy known as ‘Max’
could sure swing the blues when he breathed in his sax
his wife of 3 decades in stature was little
but she was a giant when her bow hit that fiddle

With Tom on the skins with a quick or slow beat
that had the folks dancing (or at least tapping feet)
And who could forget old Joe on the bass
those two set the rhythm that kept them on pace.

But their dreams were all drowned in a bottle of booze
when the old man, while driving, passed out in a snooze
their bus went all sideways when they left the road
and 4 out of 5 of them trapped by the load

He sobered up quickly, of that he will tell
too late to prevent, though, that night-time of hell
When he closes his eyes, he can still hear their screams
he still sees the carnage in all of his dreams

“Skibbidy bobbidy bip bap boon”
the old man laments as he scats at the moon
the only one to walk out of the blaze
with sorrow he sings of those long by-gone days.


written for dVerse, where Claudia has asked us to tell stories using one or more of the following:  Obelix, a dragon, a crocodile, an old tractor, a bat, a spaceship, Neptune, Superman, a greek god or godess, a chicken, a black swan, a nutcracker, a man who can’t stop clapping, a cup with orange flowers painted on it, a black cat, a dog with yellow teeth, a bluesman playing the saxophone, a violinist, Hänsel&Gretel, the Icequeen, an old liquor bottle, a wheelbarrow, a needle in a haystack, a raven, a blue car, a metronome…

For an extra challenge, she suggested ” tell us about the old man, the moon and a little bat who meet at night here in the pub for a game of skat sometimes”.  I know nothing about the game of skat, but being a jazz lover, I thought immediately of scat jazz.  Usually, scat is upbeat and joyful…but I wanted to give this a more tragic feel.



15 thoughts on “Midnight Jazz

  1. THIS is an excellent blues/jazz tale, with authentic recall, nifty spiffy metaphors; a tremendous take on the absurdist prompt–as mentioned, the lightness of the rhyme scheme juxtaposed to the harshness of the message made for a fantastic mix, a tightrope walk into the chaos of the past.

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