crossword puzzles

Yesterday, after spending the morning out with my boys, we got home to discover a message on our answering machine, telling us to come to the hospital where my father-in-law has been for the last while.  The previous day, we had heard the good news that they were finally thinking of sending him home, but then… he started bleeding internally, his heart stopped a couple of times, and his kidneys shut down.  So now, instead of coming home, he is hooked up to all sorts of machines and fighting for his life.

While at the hospital, I was struck with the fact that, while for the patients and visitors, the world is ending, but for the staff, they are living their lives, and for them, it’s just “another day at the office”.  They would never survive if they succumbed to ask the suffering around them.  The doctors and nurses, while providing excellent care, need to discuss things other than work when they are visiting together.

casual chatter
regarding crossword puzzles
ICU nurses


4 thoughts on “crossword puzzles

  1. So sorry for your father-in-law. I’ve noticed as you did the paradox of hospital life … drama and routine. You’re haiku summed it up well.

  2. If there were words of comfort – a virtual hug…

    I went through something similar about six months ago. A different frost of not knowing and still having to live. ~Jules

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