The Breakdown of Society

no matter where you look these days
you’ll notice those with heads bowed low
though certainly it’s not in prayer
(in prayer your thumbs move much more slow)

ability to simply speak
with others you find next to you
it’s an art-form that’s mostly lost
except amongst a very few

we send a myriad pics of cats
we text and cyber-chat with ease
and superficiality
will soon bring us down to our knees

perhaps one day we’ll have to face
a dystopian tragedy
as hard as that might be to bear
it might just save society


Marina-Sofia has asked the dVerse community to write poetry about something breaking down and being built back up again. When I observe how face to face communications seems to be a thing of the past, I worry that nothing short of a global electronics failure will bring back the simple art of communication. Of course, if such an electronic failure does take place, I will likely stop blogging 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Breakdown of Society

  1. How true. It began with electronic cash registers at point of sale, then phone trees, infinite wait time, personal relation departments and sales shipped to phone banks in Malaysia, China, India, and now no one speaks their words, they jumble abbreviations, obscure the language, discredit history, and wear us all down…if there’s a fix, I don’t see it coming. Good poem..

  2. Bryan, you have hit on a sore spot for me. I am so afraid that as a society we are weaving a dystopian generation. I love striking up conversations with strangers–you never know what will come from it!

  3. Sadly I noticed it all the time ~ The art of conversation is getting lost amid the cyber techno gadgets we are surrounding ourselves with ~

  4. Good point you raise Bryan, we have to a certain extent lost the art of conversation especially amongst younger generations. Be such a shame if we are all forced to stop blogging.

  5. we have def become a very disconnected society…supperficial connections take the place of meaningful relationships…plugged in and unnoticing as life drifts on by

  6. i recently read an article about the fragility of the internet with all its communication systems and social networks… it won’t be able to survive forever – and maybe that brings us back to the roots of face to face – who knows…

  7. You’re speaking to the converted here, Bryan – like many of the commentators above, I also love striking up conversations on planes, buses, in waiting rooms etc. And am viewed with suspicion for that reason! Isn’t it funny though how, although we are all active online and have our internet-enabled community, we also all still love the face to face?

  8. I also love the face to face, love conversations, especially long involved ones, and still love to write and receive long hand letters; also I tend to ask about people’s personal lives for it’s so interesting to listen and learn, to empathize. .few people are receptive to this anymore unless you are in a small town perhaps.

  9. Yes, that is the way it is today for sure. I just wonder what it will be like in 20 years – if people will have lost their voices for lack of use.

  10. Amen! I think we are headed towards disaster. As humans, we are losing our humanistic qualities and needs. If we no longer make eye contact, we no longer will feel the same type of emotions, social skills will wean down through generations and people in general will care less about each other. We are allowing this to happen. I think the bottom will drop out and we will come full circle back to the basics, nature and real life. Just don’t want to be here when the bottom drops out.
    Great piece of poetry! 🙂

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