I live vicariously through the journeys of others
and long, to one day, make some of those travels myself

I’ve seen the pictures
and know from the stories that…

one of my sisters has ridden
the bullet trains of Japan

another one worried about
the tsunami that was heading
towards Hawaii…while she was there

my third sister has experienced
a church service in Africa

a nephew has hugged a koala bear
and skydived in Australia
(though not at the same time)

a niece has worn a sari
on her trip to India

another nephew has studied
in New Zealand

my wife has seen
in London’s West End

my friend, with his limited knowledge
of the Russian language
accidentally bribed
a Belarusian official
when he got on the wrong train
on his journey from Russia to Ukraine,
not knowing that he was about
to cross through a country
which he had no visa to enter

and I…
…I have been to a few places
in Canada and United States
but never over-seas

So if I could go anyplace
in the world
I would go…

pretty much anywhere…
…and someday I will


Abhra has asked us to write poetry about where we would like to go. I would like to go to so many places, and I have to admit to feeling some envy for those who have had the opportunity to travel. Someday! (Posted for dVerse)


24 thoughts on “Vicarious

  1. i hope that someday you get that chance…i have been as far north as canada and south into mexico and some of the islands in the carribean, but all in the americas….will be going to africa this year though in the fall…cant wait…i have lived long enough vicariously…smiles.

  2. Nice poem, Bryan. You made me smile. I do not know why but I was convinced you were British so you just busted a myth! I hope you eventually get to see one of the places you long for.

    • truly interesting the misconceptions that we tend to get of other people. I’m Canadian…and therefore a member of the Commonwealth…so I suppose that makes me sort of British? (OK, not really)

  3. Don’t wait too long. Go when you are strong. Take the moments when you can – run, ride, jump, or stand on trains, or buses but not on plains. It’s rare when conditions allow you to make a getaway…be adventurous, take the next chance that comes along. I did and I am glad!

  4. Well, Bryan, I’ve never been to Canada, but it is somewhere I would like to visit. And you will be *so* ready when you do get to travel, I expect you won’t be able to stop smiling all the time you are away! A lovely poem – I feel your yearning!

  5. oh i do hope that you will get the opportunity.. oy on your friend’s russia journey… goodness..traveling can get adventurous and even dangerous for sure…i haven’t hugged a koala bear yet even though i have been to day i will… no sky diving for me though…smiles

  6. Awww, that is rather poignant – travelling through the eyes of others is nice, but not quite the same thing! Hope you get the chance to go somewhere soon and have plenty of adventures and stories to share.

  7. I once thought I would be a world traveler, but like you have coast to coast road trips in the U.S., Canada & some Mexico, took the Alcan highway to Alaska last summer, and as an actor made to Australia in 1977; but the rest of the globe has been experienced through films, TV, photos, & vicarious listening; but within the parameters of our soul energy, there are no barriers or boundaries; nice take on the prompt.

  8. Great poem! I hope you do get to travel someday. (Probably best not to try skydiving AND hugging a koala bear at the same time… but the image does make me smile!)

    I haven’t traveled much either. (Mexico… but I don’t think that really counts because the border is only a few hours away. I don’t expect I’ll ever go again… it was safer in those days; or at least we thought it was 🙂 ) With my dislike of air travel, I don’t expect I’ll see much, but I’ll enjoy what I do take in.

  9. Beautiful and very very interesting Bryan – I really liked to travel along with you and that there are so much more in the world and how we connect. 🙂

  10. I do hope that your dream comes true. Travel is wonderful & addictive. (By the way, I love Canada. You live in a beautiful and varied country.)

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