Tea Party in a Pastoral Setting

When buffalo sit down to tea
you’d think you’d want to be far off
but truly it’s a sight to see
when buffalo sit down to tea

most people think, with their great size
those cups would all be smashed to bits
but I think that they’ll be surprised
when buffalo sit down to tea

they’ve got those hooves upon their feet
and pointy horns upon their heads
but stay and watch, please don’t retreat
when buffalo sit down to tea

I haven’t yet beheld this sight
Nor any others that I know
But I will witness it tonight!
when buffalo sit down to tea


I gave them Royal Doulton sets
so they could show their daintiness
what happened next, you’ll never guess:
when they have tea, they make a mess!


Over at dVerse, Claudia has asked us to write using contradictions in our poetry.  I’m not sure if I quite got what she meant, but as I was thinking of incongruous things, I wondered what could be more contradictory than dainty tea sets and massive bovines.

NOTE:  In case my wife reads this and complains…I’m referring to water buffalo, and not North American Bison which are not actually buffalo.



13 thoughts on “Tea Party in a Pastoral Setting

  1. ha. the best tea parties are messy….having boys, i did not get tea parties til my niece came along…i would happy seeing a buffalo…not just a picture…fun bit of fantasy in this bryan…

  2. You had fun with this…reminds me of the 3 bears actually…nothing but trouble for Goldilocks…and is there a hidden meaning here regarding the tea party?

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