Dinner Conversation

Glenn and Amanda were just finishing up their meal when Glenn looked at his wife and said, “Oh!  By the way…” but before he could go any further, the phone rang.

Amanda apologized…not that it was her fault that the phone had rung, and she went to answer the phone.  She said “Hello?” and nearly instantly hung up.  “It was one of those computerized voices, telling us we’ve won another free cruise.  Too bad those are all scams.  By the way, honey, what were you going to say?”

Glenn looked up at his wife, looked down at his plate, looked up again and said, “You know, I can’t remember what I had been going to tell you.”

“Don’t worry about it.  If it’s important, you’ll remember.”

They finished up their meal, did the dishes, and went out to see a movie.  All the while, Glenn kept wondering what he had been trying to tell his wife.  At bed-time, he gave it up, finally listening to his wife’s advice.  If he hadn’t remembered it yet, it couldn’t be all that important.

Five days later, a completely avoidable cataclysm occurred that completely destroyed humanity from the face of the planet.  Turns out that it had been important after all.


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