When Words Fail…

Over at dVerse, Brian Miller is asking us to think of times when words have failed us.  In thinking of times when I have been without words, there have been times when I have been speechless because I’ve seen something indescribably beautiful, or have had a powerful emotional experience.  There have also been those times when I just haven’t known what to say…

There are those times
when I struggle
to find the right words…
…words of comfort
for those whom I love…
…for those who are hurting
due to the loss of someone
that they love.

I stand there…
awkwardly thinking:

I wish I could
take away the pain,
but I can’t think of
a single thing to say
that would help…nothing
that doesn’t sound trivial
or patronizing

and so…I stand there
awkwardly wondering:

why, when a heart
is breaking, can’t I
think of a single thing to say?

Perhaps my inability
to find any words
is God’s silent way of saying

Your words
are not
what are needed


12 thoughts on “When Words Fail…

  1. true…there is probably much comfort beyond what our words could…
    but you captured me perfect in that moment from my poem…
    i just couldn’t say anything…

  2. sometimes there’s no need for words but it’s just important to be there and carry the other… made me think ob job a bit when his friends just sat with him wordless… it turned worse when they started talking…just saying…smiiles

  3. I could relate so much to this poem – I often find myself at a loss for words, especially when someone is going through a painful experience. It is very awkward…

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