More than a few brush fires have begun
because someone has been careless with fire
perhaps nothing bigger than a spark

More than a few brush fires have grown
to raging infernos that have destroyed
everything in their path

More than a few brush fires
have destroyed property, possessions,
and yes, even lives

More than a few brush fires have been extinguished
because a gentle, but persistent rain
has come to heal the land

Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.
Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.

Today at dVerse, Shanyn has asked us to think of our words (and by extension, our poetry) as seeds. What would we have our “seeds” grow into? I know that I’ve started a few blazes with careless words, but my hope for my words, and my poetry, is that my words might be, instead of sparks that lead to destruction, raindrops that bring healing to a burning land.  Scripture quotation is taken from James 3:5


15 thoughts on “Sparks

  1. I marvel how a spark can burn down a forest ~ Just like a few careless words can wound a person, so can the kind words heal like the rain to a dry land ~ I like that quote ~

  2. ah nice job pulling it in scripturally there in the last bit…our tongue is our greatest weapon or our greatest healer….i will say, a good burn though produces new growth…smiles.

  3. Bryan, I enjoyed your entire poem, but your fourth stanza is really inspired. May we all be that persistent and gentle rain when we need to be.

  4. Bryan – what a great concept – seeding sparks. And yes I’ve started a few fires myself. Made me think of the Stanley Mission fires…great piece my friend!

    How is your seeding going? Done or close?

    • well…I’m a city slicker, so to be honest, I’m not too sure. We’ve had fairly nice weather here for the last while, so I presume it should be proceeding fairly well for most.

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