Responding to the Psalms: Psalm 1

I wrote this on my other blog (Bryan’s Thoughts), but wanted to share it here too, as this site has a different set of followers

Bryan's Thoughts

I’ve been considering trying something a bit different.  I want to work my way through the Psalms, and respond through poetry to the verses of Scripture.  I hope to plan a few of these, but certainly not all – If I make it all the way through, I may eventually choose to publish the lot, but we shall see.  My responses are not meant to be commentary on the Psalms.  They are not meant to be theology.  They are certainly not meant to be considered as Scripture.  They are simply my thoughts about the Psalm.  If you do not believe as I do, and therefore disagree with what I write, I am OK with that.  If you find the Psalm, pared with my responses to be pleasing poetry, that is good.  If you find my responses become a challenge to you to draw closer to God…that is even better! (Scripture…

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