Enjoy It While You Can!

Spring has been quite slow in coming here
but fin’ly, buds are showing on the trees
and I can feel that there’s warmth in the air

I am relieved that if I look, I’ll see
there is some green when I look at the lawn
(I’d really rather not have to re-seed)

This weather has me thinking about plans
for holidaying with my wife and kids
we won’t go far, perhaps just down the lane…

there’s not much time before return of cold
and so I want to savour every bit
of spring and summer because I know I should!

So celebrate the warmth before the bite
of winter and it’s harsh and bitter nights


at dVerse, Karin has us writing in slant rhymes (or near rhymes).  I decided I wanted to try using the slant-rhyme technique in a Terza Rima sonnet (aba bcb cdc ded ee rhyme structure).  I think that some of my rhymes are a little bit far, even for slant, but I hope that I got it close enough).  Not my best poem…I was certain that slant rhyme would be easy…after all, I wouldn’t need to find real rhymes, but I found this challenge to be deceptively challenging (and that is a good thing!)


18 thoughts on “Enjoy It While You Can!

  1. ah yes… enjoying every single hour of summer and spring… i love to go for evening walks – they’re like little holidays for me as well

  2. ah i am totally spring fevered and summer flinging…ha…tomorrow is the last day of school here…the green grass is nice…i walked barefoot yesterday…i am not a huge fan of mowing but it is my meditation time…smiles.

  3. I don’t think your rhyming stretched too far at all! It had the tone of a conversation about it, as if you were chatting with a neighbour over the garden fence – nice ‘n’ natural. Lovely work, Bryan.

  4. Quite the morphing of tera rima with slant verse; a brave creative choice; yes my flowers are already wilting after their Spring coming out party, but the summer smells on the warm night breezes sing seductive ballads into my frazzled brain; & I dig it; your slant rhymes & almost rhymes worked fine for me.

  5. If it weren’t for the huge onslaught of caterpillars this spring, it would be almost perfect this week here…just right and oh, so green and the flowers! Good job writing slant poetry.

  6. Oh, I agree…celebrate each warm day that you can. Savor each day for what it is. Every warm day is a treasure. And we definitely have to appreciate and celebrate EACH warm day, even if we celebrate ordinary things.

  7. I thought this worked super well– there is a kind of elegance in the combination of slant and true rhymes that really supports the thoughtful tone. Thanks. K.

  8. It is challenging – perhaps even more so than getting full rhymes. After all, we can do full rhymes in our head, but finding those meaningful nearly-there rhymes is much harder.
    You did a great job – and great experiment too.

  9. I can see the slant rhyme here and I like the topic and the poem! Unfortunately, I am the opposite of most and I enjoy the Fall and Winter. Heat does not sit well with me. I like the flow of the first stanza best. Nice job! 🙂

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