That’s Not What I Meant To Say

Over at dVerse, Mary has us using quotations in poetry.  We can pick the quotation, and we can place the quote before, after, or within the body of the poem.  I have chosen to use a phrase that my son once uttered as a header to a rather silly poem.  Hope you enjoy!


“I misunderstood what I was thinking”

It’s hard to think about one thing while thinking of another
like thinking of sleep and talking about slork
…I mean weep
…I mean work
So often we fry and tail to tultimask our thords and our woughts
and then nobody has a talk what we were clueing about.


The above quote is courtesy of my son Gavin, who, upon realizing that what he had said, and what he had meant to say, were two different things.


10 thoughts on “That’s Not What I Meant To Say

  1. I like your son’s quote! And I enjoyed the wonderful wordplay in your response! Sometimes our ‘woughts’ are hard to understand!

  2. ha – multitasking can be very difficult… i had some fun happenings while trying… once i searched desperately for my youngest kid and finally found that i had her on my arm…ugh

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