At dVerse, today, Victoria has asked us to write Tilus (tee-loo-hz) poems.  This form was invented by fellow dVerse poet, Kelvin S.M.



rain-drops fall from dark clouds
giving seeds



warm sun shines on the earth
and those seeds



both joy and sorrow are
needed to



Kelvin’s description of the form:

Tilus [tee-loo-hz] is a form created by Kelvin S.M. and falls under the category of micro poetry. The form is divided into two parts: the first part is composed of two lines following a 6-3 syllable count; the second part, a one-syllable word to close and/or complete the subject layered in the first part. The whole piece must, only, contain 10 in overall syllable count. The main focus of Tilus is on the world of Nature, and how it can open a new door to a wider understanding of life and beyond. The form aims to be epic in emotions expressed, more importantly, than to be epic in words.

The notion behind the name ‘Tilus’ was actually derived from the reversed spell of my mother’s maiden name, my middle name—’Sulit’ which is used in Philippines as an expression to mean something precise, practical, worthy, etc. There is a lot of usage depending on the current scenario. I have never given much attention to its meaning until recently when I decided to use it as name for my invented form. I even figured out lately upon research that in some countries the term ‘Tilus’ means ‘a piece of land’.


18 thoughts on “Thrive

  1. lot of truth in that last one…the rain can be bad, washing out in floods…but it also gives life…the sun has that same duality as well….we need both…and we need trials as well to make us grow

  2. I do agree that both joy and sorrow are necessary to thrive. I think that without sorrow we don’t know what joy IS. A very thoughtful set!

  3. Again, I marvel at how this form lends itself so well to all kinds of subjects and ideas.

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