Reluctant to Reveal

Over at dVerse, Marina Sofia has asked us to write poetry about identity. Although I can be quite outgoing with those whom I know, I do find it difficult to get to know new people. The following reveals a bit about my reluctance to reveal…


Beneath the trimmings, what would you see
would you look close, or would you flee?
a dan’grous thing, one’s soul to bare
for what if you don’t really care?
or what if you should laugh at me?

Maybe, I’ll show you, by degree
and hope some parts will cause you glee
but you will see some horrors there
beneath the trimmings

I’d love to show you, and be free
so you would know what makes me be
I’ll tell you now, though, to be fair
reveal myself? I do not dare!
you’ll have to earn my trust to see
beneath the trimmings


13 thoughts on “Reluctant to Reveal

  1. there is def a bit of tension in unveiling yourself…because you may be rejected and they may not like you…but it gets so tiring to keep up that facade as well…and it will slip too…trust though plays a huge factor.

  2. i don’t wear my heart on my sleeves as well and i’m careful when i meet new people… but it def. is cool if trust grows and we can be as we are without having to hide… precious..

  3. I understand completely. I don’t think one can easily reveal oneself to all people…too frightening. I do understand taking baby steps, a bit at a time. Eventually, in due time, with trust ….. a person can share pretty much who he/she is.

  4. People who reveal themselves too easily, without any reluctance, usually don’t have much to reveal, are shallow or have not delved deep enough into themselves. So I completely understand – but also feel that you are teasing us with a hint you may tell us more in the future?

    • I hope so. When I started with dVerses, my poems were mostly in the humour vein, and I still will continue with a lot of those, but I’m feeling free enough to write more serious material as time goes on…this last poem was also an acknowledgement (to myself) that I do have some introvert aspects to my personality.

  5. Ah yes, the old trust issue. I find it very hard to share ‘me’ with others. Easier when writing, but sharing the ugly bits, the real parts, well, it feels a bit like I am standing naked in public, or having my heart ripped out when I am face to face with someone. I’m glad you feel that you can share your serious thoughts here, since your beautifully crafted poem certainly chimed with me.

  6. I have lots of acquaintances but (besides my immed fam) only two friends of the soul. “for what if you don’t really care? or what if you should laugh at me?” I’m right therewith you.

  7. Oh I can relate about revealing too much to others, specially new friends ~ I am quite friendly at social gatherings but I don’t say much about myself, specially my love for writing poems ~ I mean, who can understand such drive except a fellow poet or writer ~

  8. I’ve always wondered whether the trust ought to be earned first; there are some who change the passage to read: “I trust you until you give me reason not to”….a little of both might do the trick!

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