A Thing of Beauty

at dVerse, Abhra has us writing about trees. I wanted to try to write a poem using a form called Rondeau Redoublé.  This is my first attempt at this form, so it may be a bit clumsy.


A thing of beauty is a tree
From leaves above to roots below
Though fixed in place they seem so free
They beautify the place they grow

If bare of leaf and robed in snow
If budding forth as if in glee
If on them autumn colours glow
A thing of beauty is a tree!

A hiding place for chickadee
A place of shade for buck and doe
They’re wonderful, it’s plain to see
From leaves above to roots below

And when the winds across them blow
They bend and sway so gracefully
As if they’re dancing in a show
Though fixed in place they seem so free!

A place without them wouldn’t be
The kind of place I’d want to go
I say without apology
They beautify the place they grow

And so to trees I say, “Bravo!”
They stand there in such majesty
They are one thing (and this I know)
Yes, they are this (you must agree):
A thing of beauty!


Some notes on the form (feel free to skip this if you find form boring):  While the rondeau redoublé shares some characteristics with the rondeau form, it also has some marked differences.  Each of the lines of the first stanza get repeated once each in the last lines of stanzas 2-5, and the first part of the first line is reprised at the end of stanza 6 as a rentrement.  The overall rhyme structure is A1B1A2B2, babA1, abaB1, babA2, abaB2, babaR (where “R” is the first half of A1)


16 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. Well, I would say this is an excellent first attempt at the rondeau redouble – make that a triple for me! Seriously, this was delightful and very melodious.

  2. nicely done on the form…have not tried that one…it gives it a wonderful rhythm though bryan…the trees def hold all my friends….smiles…i would hate to think of a place without trees….without animals….

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I am so very impressed with your use of form, Bryan. Your first stanza is my favorite. I love the way you repeat the first and fourth lines of that stanza later on in the poem. A tree is indeed ‘a thing of beauty.’

  4. What a lovely form and the refrain works well to give the tree a beautiful imagery ~ Lovely cadence too when read aloud, cheers ~

  5. “A thing of beauty is a tree!” Such a lovely thought. You wrote this for my prompt and I missed it back then I guess – sorry for that. Enjoyed this one a lot.

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