On The Block

at dVerse, Tony Maude has us writing sonnets. In my previous post, I wrote a rather silly sonnet in answer to the challenge, but one of my commenters thought that I should try my hand at a more serious sonnet. (Thank you kkkkaty for that challenge!)

Warning: The following poem may not be suitable for younger readers


I heard some news today that hurt my soul
About a girl who wants to go to school
To be a doctor is her lifelong goal
But colleges cost money as a rule

Financially she can’t afford the bill
And so she sought to find another way
To gain the funds so she can learn her skill
To have “M D” behind her name one day

She plans to auction her virginity
The highest bidder gets to share her bed
A man who doesn’t care for her will be
The means for her to earn her daily bread

Our world has gone to hell and there will burn
when girls will prostitute themselves to learn


14 thoughts on “On The Block

  1. I’d change D R – which goes in front of the name – to MD, Bryan. Otherwise a smoothly achieved Shakespearean sonnet on a subject that makes me sick in heart and soul. What has our world come to?

  2. Excellent sonnet – doing what good poetry does – and this is tight as brick wall – well composed regarding a serious moment – though this sort of thing has been done for eons, for a young woman to go on social media as a way to find support for her studies is shameful and unfortunate. Perhaps there will be a white knight to save her (hope). Thanks Bryan!

  3. I had not seen this in the news…what a sad situation…I often wonder what puritans on the Mayflower would think if they lived a day in today’s world…regardless, I too wish for a prince charming to save her and make it worth the risk and damage, that they fall madly in love…and your sonnet is clean and perfect ..on a very serious topic! Well done.

  4. Awesome sonnet, Bryan! I loved the silly one, and think that you nailed serious as well. The topic is tough and delicate and you handled it very well.

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