The Thing That Was Missing


Art work: Light Seeking
Artist: Cheryl Kellar (image used with permission)


Dark.  In the beginning.
Void. Empty. Nothing.
God noticed this and thought, “it could be better”. And so he imagined.

He imagined sound:  he thought of music, and the tinkling tones of water spilling over stones.  The cries of birds and the laughter of children at play.

He imagined smells: the heady aroma of asiatic lilies and the scent of bread fresh from the oven…and that made him ponder taste!  And God’s mouth watered as he considered how that bread would excite his taste-buds.  But why stop there?  He went on to think of the succulence of a medium-rare steak, pared with a nice glass of wine…

He imagined touch:  the rough feel of wood and the smoothness of silk, the pleasure of a lover’s kiss… and this made him smile!  Ah, yes, touch would be the greatest of all!

He pondered and planned, not wanting to start anything too hastily, and as he considered his creation, he realized there was a flaw…something missing from his creation.   Slowly, it dawned on him, the one thing that was still lacking…the one thing that would bring everything together, and when he knew what it was, he realized he was ready to begin, and so he spoke:

Let There Be Light


At dVerse, Grace introduced us to the artwork of Cheryl Kellar, and invited us to write poetry inspired by her artwork.  The piece that I chose reminded me of the world (some of the shapes in the piece made me think of continents), but it also made me think of light conquering darkness, so my mind went to Creation.  I honestly don’t know what thought process God went through when he created the earth, so please don’t read too much into the above.  🙂