If you live in Saskatoon
then you already know
that if you watch for long enough
you’ll see a pothole grow
their population’s booming
on cars they take their toll
I just wish that the city
would teach them birth control


I based the above poem on an article in the local paper that makes reference to “Saskatoon’s pothole population”.  I’ve never heard of potholes having a population, but it makes sense, considering they seem to be reproducing at an alarming rate this year.

Written for dVerse where we were asked to write dagsvers.  Dagsvers (or Daily Verse) is a primarily Nordic style of light-hearted journalistic poetry.  It is often combined with a drawing, but I have almost no artistic talent, so I’m going to pass on that aspect of the challenge.


Politicians always lie
and so I have to wonder why
we even bother listening
for they just make our poor ears ring
and even when they disagree
the truth you’ll find is never free
for when they’re from opposing sides
they just take us on diff’rent rides
veracity’s left in the dust
how do they think that we could trust
a single thing they have to say
when we are naught to them but prey