A Walk May Be A Risky Thing

Today at dVerse, Shanyn is having us write poems about the “rhythm of the road”.

I immediately thought of “The Old Walking Song” by J.R.R. Tolkien (in the Fellowship of the Ring).  If you are not familiar with this poem, check it out.  I can’t read/hear this poem without wanting to set out on a walking adventure of my own.  Family, work, etc. keep me from going on too long of walking expeditions, but maybe one day…

I wanted to write something in the style of Tolkien’s poem, and so here is my attempt…

A walk may be a risky thing
For it could take me anywhere
To places that will make me sing
Or have me quaking in great fear
And yet I find my feet have need
To tread upon a path brand new
So I’ll succumb and let them lead
The risk is surely worth the view

So I will step out of my door
And leave the comforts of my home
There are new places to explore
I’m not content unless I roam
Who knows what wonders I will see
Or who I’ll meet upon my way
The walking life’s the life for me
And shall be til I’m old and grey

20 thoughts on “A Walk May Be A Risky Thing

  1. I walk less these days, & cannot hike the mountains as I did in my youth, but your poem stirs the wanderlust in me; these days I carry my camera on my walks to capture the little treasures, & huge pleasures I might encounter; especially while beach combing.

  2. oh i am def up for a walk…you never know the adventure it might bring you…where it might take you…and if you dont just think of what you would be missing….smiles….love me some tolkien….walk on brother…

  3. I don’t own a car, so I have to walk everywhere… I love it tho; ever since I was a kid, I would always make my friends go out and walk somewhere with me when they wanted to stay in… I still do that now, actually. smiles… very peaceful write

  4. Lovely. I imaging along the way there will be rocky thorny paths that impede the journey and clear picturesque paths that will make the journey seem perfect. But I agree it is important to travel the path and explore the new and unknown.

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