A Walk May Be A Risky Thing

Today at dVerse, Shanyn is having us write poems about the “rhythm of the road”.

I immediately thought of “The Old Walking Song” by J.R.R. Tolkien (in the Fellowship of the Ring).  If you are not familiar with this poem, check it out.  I can’t read/hear this poem without wanting to set out on a walking adventure of my own.  Family, work, etc. keep me from going on too long of walking expeditions, but maybe one day…

I wanted to write something in the style of Tolkien’s poem, and so here is my attempt…

A walk may be a risky thing
For it could take me anywhere
To places that will make me sing
Or have me quaking in great fear
And yet I find my feet have need
To tread upon a path brand new
So I’ll succumb and let them lead
The risk is surely worth the view

So I will step out of my door
And leave the comforts of my home
There are new places to explore
I’m not content unless I roam
Who knows what wonders I will see
Or who I’ll meet upon my way
The walking life’s the life for me
And shall be til I’m old and grey