And We Vow…


We’ve all heard the phrase
“don’t judge a book by its cover”
and we vow that we’ll never judge
a book…or a person…
by mere outward appearances
and then we all go around
patting ourselves on the backs
for how we don’t judge
while all the time, looking down
at those around us, assuming
that they are not as good as us
because they ARE judging books
by their covers
(or so we assume)

and all too often
we don’t recognize
our own hypocrisy




Anthony Desmond (over at dVerse) has invited us to write poetry based on selected photographs of Phyllis Galembo. ย Her photographs reminded me that we often fail to see what is really there…the truth of who a person is is often hidden beneath the surface, and no matter how hard we strive to not pre-judge others, I think that all of us fail far too often.

21 thoughts on “And We Vow…

  1. ouch. so true.
    ha. our pride can be
    the thing that does us in.

    after teaching a lesson once
    i had a guy tell me he was glad
    his testimony was not as gritty as mine
    & that he did not have as much past sin

    told him i was glad it was not either
    we each have our own to deal with


  2. Yes, is always easier to see the fault in others….when we do not always recognize that we ourselves are just as guilty. Good point, Bryan.

  3. This is very true. Of course, I wouldn’t want others to judge me, but do I at times? yes. the bad thing is, when people stick to their judgement even after they’ve gotten to know the person beyond that… We all do a bit of judging (especially when 1st meeting someone) you just have to know how to let go of that afterwards… Nice write… look at me, just babbling on. smiles.

  4. Goodness, today seems to be a day of coincidences, or I’ve been doing a lot of very deep thinking! My mind was on this topic this morning on my way to work, as I watched a number of women do their make-up on the train… A skill, definitely, but it took me down the track of pondering your well-written thoughts on hypocrisy!

  5. Some thing they are better than others it seems while others realize they are just as good as everyone else…..a great check and balance for us to be reminded of.

  6. It was a great concert& did enjoy all of it!!& I do enjoy your writingssss//thaxxx//”just me” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So well said… we all judge, we always do.. can’t seem to help it. So what right do we get to call other hypocrites? So well written, Bryan ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Well put. All too often I find myself feeling “good” about how nice I am to some people and then am gut-smacked with the realization sometimes nice=condescending. A call to recognize our hypocrisy.

  9. The judging thing is something I believe we all struggle with throughout our lives. We can’t help but have bias’s from our past and our experiences. In my Psychology studies we call it ‘projection’-The behavior’s we despise in others is usually something in we carry but are not willing to look at.

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