The Heiress’s Birthday Party

  • copyright - DLovering

I hear the heiress had a wonderful 21st birthday party.  Apparently she asked for a Spain themed party.  She always gets what she wants.  The party was complete with margaritas and even a  piñata… although both of those are Mexican and not Spanish.  I’m sure the heiress didn’t care…probably didn’t even notice the discrepancy.  I’m betting they ate food loaded with jalapeños too…idiots.  At least they got the flag right!  By the looks of it, though, they knew how to party!

I’m only telling you this second-hand, though.  I don’t get invited to their parties.  I’m just the guy who cleans up the mess.




Written for Friday Fictioneers.  Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for providing us, each week, with a wonderful picture to inspire bits of flash fiction!