New Form (or new twist on an old form)

At dVerse we’ve been asked to make new forms
of poems for poets to express their words
and this one can be writ in towns or farms
but don’t expect great praises or rewards

I’ve written this in sonnet style you’ll note
but if you look at last words of each line
true rhymes I think you won’t see here tonight
but yet those words are linked and not alone

I hope you take the time to look it through
and don’t just throw your hands up in disgust
after the poem the mystery I’ll throw
to you because you are my honoured guest

I hope that once the form’s descrip is heard
you’ll find this style not too very hard


Today at dVerse, Gay is asking us to make up new poetical forms.  I decided to take an old form and give it a unique twist.  If you look at the sonnet above, you’ll notice a definite abab/cdcd/efef/gg form, but instead of the last syllable of each line rhyming with their counterpart, they start and end with the same consonant sounds, but have different vowel sounds in the middle.  Therefore, “forms” from line one is changed to “farms” in line 3, and “note” in line 5 is changed to “(to)night” in line 7, etc.

This style could be used in any existing form poetry where rhymes are replaced with vowel substitutions instead.  Hope you enjoyed…and I hope, even more, that you understood my explanation  🙂

Oh…and because I’m supposed to have a name for the form, I’ll simply call it “Vowel Substitution”

I’ll link this up to dVerse later today when the bar opens (at 3pm EST).