At dVerse, Mary has asked us to write about treasures in our homes.  I couldn’t think of a thing to write about, but instead, I thought about a legacy…a legacy that is nothing less than a family treasure.


some treasures can’t be held in hands
but can only be held in hearts
my grandmother passed away
back in 1992 at 82 years of age
(this past week would have been
her 104th birthday)

even though the last number of her years
were spent in a nursing home
without the ability to recognize her family
or interact with those around her
she was not always that way

my mom tells the story of her mom:
a woman of prayer who prayed
not just for her children, but
her grand and even great grandchildren
(and this was when she didn’t even have
grandchildren yet)

she prayed that her descendants would
come to know God
that we would come to love Jesus
and with very few exceptions
her prayers have been answered

I’m not sure if the greater treasure
is this grandmother who had such a marvelous
love for all her progeny
or those prayers that…even decades before
I was born…linked me to her, and to
our heavenly father


John and Maria Harder – my maternal grandparents.  I wish that I could have gotten to know both of them better.  There are some treasures that we have that we don’t recognize as treasures until they are gone.