She Always Loved Flowers

She always loved flowers
tulips barely open were her favourite
especially orange ones
but her love of flowers didn’t end there
red roses and rhododendrons
yellow daffodils…even dandelions!
She couldn’t pass a flower
without stopping to admire
it’s intricate beauty
and intoxicating scent

One time she grabbed my arm
and pointed to a pansy
growing wild on the lawn
just next to the drain-pipe on the house
and she smiled at the thrill of it all

She always loved flowers
and I can’t see one without thinking of her
but now their colours have faded




At dVerse, Claudia has challenged us to write a poem that conveys emotion without naming the emotion.  Hope I succeeded! (btw…for me, this poem is fictitious, but I suspect that it could be very true for others)

19 thoughts on “She Always Loved Flowers

  1. i love when someone sees the little pieces of beauty in the everyday… and i can imagine how she changed your point of view with pointing it out even beyond her being there….

  2. You know, this reminded me so much of my mother. Every morning she used to get up early and water her flowers. Sometimes if I didn’t know where she was as a child waking up, I looked outside and there she was….standing watering geraniums with her hose. Even when she was blind (in later life) she had flowerpots with flowers on the front porch. Your poem evoked some memories in me…and I can’t see flowers in spring without thinking of HER.

  3. I like the progressively shorter stanzas: the enumeration in the first contrasts nicely with the single remembered incident in the second and then a killer denouement in the third. I am wondering though if the use of the past tense from the outset is perhaps distancing us from the story a bit.

    • very good point on the past tense…I hadn’t thought of the distracting nature of that tense, but I can see what you mean…it does “give away the point” a bit.

  4. Very good poem and moving piece, Bryan! I like the spots of colors your list of flowers allow us to see, until the last line, and then they all fade away.

  5. Very moving poem ~ The memories of the flowers and person blending together ~ In the end, we think of flowers but all the colors have faded ~ Very well done ~

  6. i used to think that pansies looked like cat faces. i dont know why i thought that… but then someone very special gave me a bunch of pansies and all of a sudden the cat face image has disappeared and the flower has become a lot more meaningful to me

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