She Always Loved Flowers

She always loved flowers
tulips barely open were her favourite
especially orange ones
but her love of flowers didn’t end there
red roses and rhododendrons
yellow daffodils…even dandelions!
She couldn’t pass a flower
without stopping to admire
it’s intricate beauty
and intoxicating scent

One time she grabbed my arm
and pointed to a pansy
growing wild on the lawn
just next to the drain-pipe on the house
and she smiled at the thrill of it all

She always loved flowers
and I can’t see one without thinking of her
but now their colours have faded




At dVerse, Claudia has challenged us to write a poem that conveys emotion without naming the emotion.  Hope I succeeded! (btw…for me, this poem is fictitious, but I suspect that it could be very true for others)