A Fish’s Life

we fish never worry ’bout problems of man
we never pay taxes, and that sure is grand
our days don’t begin when we punch in a clock
we don’t fill each moment with meaningless talk

we don’t have to worry ’bout what our jobs pay
we’re hairless and so we don’t ever turn gray
we swim with our buddies wherever we will
(except when we’re tired and then we are still)

there’s nothing so great as the life that we lead
the water gives us ev’rything that we need
we’re glad we’re not human with all of your woes
our lives are much better for us here below

but still I’ll admit that we all have one wish
that’s not to be eaten by a bigger fi–(gulp!)


over at dVerse, Marina Sofia has challenged us to write poetry inspired by an animal. I decided to do something a bit more on the humorous side.  Hope you enjoyed!