Point of View

each one like a needle
jabbing in, jabbing out of our lives

We look at these pains
and we wonder, why
but we see no answer
and eventually, we move on

those times that make us
thankful to be alive

We look at those days
and we wonder, why
why are we fortunate enough to be so blessed
but we accept those blessings, and we move on

Life consists of so much more
than wake-up, eat, work, play, sleep
there are the emotions that run
the gamut of ecstasy to mind-numbing grief
and we…in each day…
only see the immediate. the now.
no context to understand the why of each moment

each moment…just a fragment of a greater whole
and if we could just see the bigger picture…
perhaps we would realize
that those needle-pains are needed
to stitch a greater picture

perhaps if we could see the whole
we’d see a patchwork-quilt…
coming together

to form a thing of beauty.


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17 thoughts on “Point of View

  1. yeah… most probably it needs those needle-pains to stitch the bigger picture… and i like the thought to look at life as a patchwork quilt… there’s much beauty in all those different fragments..

  2. i like the thought of the quilt…how all things stitch together…one of my fav possessions is a quilt my grandmother gave me…so heavy and warm…there is an interconnection…and a beauty that exists in seeing it as a whole…

  3. I like the idea that the needle pricks are needed to stitch a greater picture. And someday, hopefully, we will understand the reasons and view the whole beautiful quilt.

  4. Putting life in perspective…I love the thought of stepping back, to see life as a full “quilt” rather than just for the patches and the stitches. Great use of imagery in this.

  5. To know there’s purpose in the pain, that something worthwhile is being created from the “needling”…now that is a beautiful reminder, Bryan! These last two poems of yours are really strong…

  6. oh, I like this! It can be hard to step outside of ourselves in order to see the quilt you speak of…though I admit I have often wondered what it might look like; I think a quilt is a nice way to visualize the “why.”

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