Merely Rhymes?

Over at dVerse, Bjorn has asked us to write poetry using kennings.

“A kenning,” as Bjorn explains, “is a very brief metaphoric phrase or compound word and it means “to know” (derived from Icelandic, but exist in many other languages like Swedish and German). It was used extensively in Old Norse (later Icelandic) and Anglo Saxon poetry as a mean of adding both color, and better meter to the skaldic songs. For instance “whale-road” was used as a kenning for the sea in Beowulf, and “wave-stead” replaced ship in Glymdrápa.”

What is poetry?
so much more than merely rhymes
of some word-slinger
or the fancy metaphors of a thought-dancer
it can be, but…
it can be so many more things
to so many writers
and even more things
to those who are word-imbibers

sometimes it is love-music,
sung onto paper
sometimes it is grief-tears
wetting the page
it can be God-worship
pencil-prayed to the Almighty

or this…the one you’re reading right now
an ode that streaks in binary-bits
from my computer screen to yours

poems are difference-makers.
They’re thought-shapers and

They’re composed
by poet-warriors who come
armed to do battle with their ink-swords

poems are game-changers
and I…
I have the humbling privilege
to write


14 thoughts on “Merely Rhymes?

  1. word-imbibers…ha i like that one…
    poems have many different faces…but i def believe the power of word to make a difference
    in the life of the writer…and the reader…and in our world
    if we let it…poetwarriors raise those pens…
    i wonder if i tossed my pen into the field like braveheart if it would have the same effect?

  2. I like this very much, Bryan. It is written with a spirit of honesty and humility. Yes, I think that poets can be game-changers as we/they write what is within our/their hearts. Your poem was such a thoughtful kenning really that it awed me. Yours is the kind of poetry I truly enjoy.

  3. I can relate to the many ways you describe poems in your piece, Bryan. You have coined some very powerful kennings. I like grief-tears, pencil-prayed, difference makers and thought-shapers. I also like that you see us as poet warriors. Your poems are true to your ‘manifesto’.

  4. Yes..while digital art of keyboard songs..takes some of the cursive beauty of penmanship out of creativity…
    The chariot of light that is our information highway..
    makes these connections of love and light..
    a worldwide communication endeavor..

    And it is he heart that makes the difference..

    Policy wonks..are just that..

    The heArt IS what fuels

    the real changes..that last…

    And heartfelt words..are change in being..
    from the time they are wrote..until
    endless ..and potentially infinite..destinations..

    for wHOle as ONE

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