Moments of Perfection

Beneath the moon, bask’d in her glow
surrounded by the fresh-fall snow
the world around me wash’d in blue
a night-time-only sort of hue
a perfect world when ’tis just so

I love it when this time runs slow
and peace of night can ’round me grow
as I behold this wondrous view
Beneath the moon

Too soon, I know that she will go
she’ll wonder to…I do not know
these moments, rare, are far too few
so to this moment I’ll be true
Beneath the moon


“Moonlight” by Sunita Khedekar

Today at dVerse, Grace has asked us to write poetry inspired by the artwork of Sunita Khedekar.  Colours were the suggested idea, but this very blue piece caught my attention.


15 thoughts on “Moments of Perfection

  1. smiles…beautiful visual…ther eis a nice blue glow when the snow is out there….ours has been ice the last couple days so…ggrrrrr….ha….there is a contentedness in this…a moment of pause to appreciate the moon…and the peace…i like that…

  2. i love those quiet hours of night when the world comes to rest… we have almost full moon over here i think… and it’s comforting to see her like a lantern in the sky..

  3. Very nice approach to the prompt..there’s something primal almost in the many shades of blue used here and the association with the moon is that 😉

  4. I was very attracted to this image as well, but wanted to write something slightly more cheerful than my usual darkness, so opted for another one instead. However, your poem is not dark, it’s very peaceful and lyrical.

  5. There is something very peaceful, isn’t there, about a world being washed in blue…I enjoyed your approach in this poem, and your recognition of the slow movement of time (or so it feels) under the light of the moon!

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