Over at dVerse, Shanyn has asked to to write “Micro Macro” poetry.  That is, use a macro photograph, and couple it with a poem of 140 characters or less (not including spaces).  As we have been having spring-like weather, I decided to write a spring themed piece.

Hydrant in Puddle

A puddle is just a collection of water
that hasn’t had a chance to sink into the soil
or is it
a portal to a magical world?
A matter of perspective

12 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. even though I’ve kids test out this over and over again only to meet solid ground…a magical portal may still lay within…I’ll have to test out the next puddle I see. really liked this little number.

  2. it is def a matter of perspective…and i think kids see it much better than we do…
    loved me some puddle jumping…but sometimes the reflection seems ultra real
    almost surreal…cool capture.

  3. ha true much matters on perspective.. i find the portal to another world thought much more exciting than just to think of not yet sunk into soil..ha

  4. I wrote a short story quite a while ago about a puddle being a portal into another world… 🙂 I loved this micro-poem – it went really well with the image, but with a twist!

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