Sometimes a poet simply has to ask…

Sometimes a poet simply has to ask
Why do I write why do I do this task?
To that I have a lot that I could say
But I’ll be brief in what I say today

Sometimes I write free verse sometimes to form
There is no style you could call my ‘norm’
I sometimes like the thrill of making rhyme
But then there are the times when I do not

I write because I want my skill to grow
I write because I want the world to know
I write because I want to vent my thoughts
I write to give a smile more oft than not

There are so many reasons why I write
And with that said I’ll bid you all “Good Night!”

At dVerse, our host, Gay Reiser Cannon, has asked us to write manifestos about poetry. Why we write, what threatens our writing, how we deal with those threats, etc. I’ll admit that I have not touched on all of those thoughts, but wanted to write a bit of the “why” at least. If you go back in my blog a few days, you’ll see another poem that would also work for this prompt (but that I wrote for a different prompt that dove-tailed with this one brilliantly)