The following is a piece written for Friday Fictioneers, where our host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields provides us with a new photograph each week, and we get to excercise our creative muscles and write a story of approximately 100 words.

Hope you enjoy!


“Mom, I’ve got a pimple!” she wailed to her mother.

The dreaded adolescent years had begun…dreaded not so much by the child as by the mother who would have to deal with all the drama and trauma that those years entailed.  Acne…perhaps not the biggest thing her daughter would face, but she remembered when she had had issues with those pesky eruptions.

“I know that it seems like the worst thing, but really, give it a few thousand years, and it will erode away, all by itself!”

“I hate being a hill.  These geological time periods really suck!”

Copyright - Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

[98 words]

Genre: Geological Fiction

16 thoughts on “Acne

  1. Loved that twist, hahahahahaha!! Mountains have issues too apparently. Good to know we’re not alone in our dramatic (and often lifelong) skin problems.

  2. Very clever take on the photo–to a human teenager, the zit appears mountainous in the mirror. Of course, they, luckily, don’t have to wait a few thousand years for it to go away.

    • Thanks Bjorn. The area of Canada where I live is prairie. No hills to be seen unless you are near a river. A ski hill was built not too far from where I live called “Mount Blackstrap” (“Mount” is a far cry from reality). The hill is often referred to as “The Pimple on the Prairie”

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